School will be closed Wednesday & Thursday (11/9-11/10) in light of Martin County Emergency Services information.  Please contact the school office via email with any questions. 

Faculty & Staff


Josh Zechman-1 2022

Joshua Zechman


Tanya Nelson 2022

Tanya Nelson

Office Administrator

Kathy Russo 2022

Kathy Russo

Admin. Assistant

Ashleigh Knepper 2022

Ashleigh Knepper

Guidance Counselor

Jessica McGath 2022

Jessica McGath

Finance Office


Barb Russo 2022

Barb Russo

Food Services


Jessie Blas 2022

Jessie Blas



Stephanie Guajardo 2022

Stephanie Guajardo

Preschool Director

VPK Teacher

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Ana Reed 2022

Ana Reed

Teacher's Aid

Sara Bolton 2022

Sara Bolton


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Spirito 2022

Melissa Spirito


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Jenna Sammons 2022

Jenna Sammons


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Laura Ferguson 2022

Laura Ferguson

First Grade

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Bethlee Hatcher

Second Grade


Ashley Maggard 2022

Ashley Maggard

Third Grade

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Hermanssen 2022

Cathy Hermansen

Fourth Grade


Robyn Sikkema 2022

Robyn Sikkema

Fifth Grade


Kaila Ebner 2022

Kaila Ebner

Sixth Grade

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Dani Shell 2022

Dani Shell

Elementary PE

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Krista Mullaney 2022

Krista Mullaney

Autism Prog. Dir.

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Karen 2022

Karen Kinsley

Autism Para


Esther Sweeney 2022

Esther Sweeney



Peyton Meldau 2022

Peyton Meldau


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Brandon Boice 2022

Brandon Boice

Upper School History

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Steven Servius 2022

Steven Servius

Upper School Bible


Ransom Maggard 2022

Ransom Maggard

Upper School Bible


Zach Sammons 2022

Zach Sammons

Upper School Math

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Jill Forman 2022

Jill Forman

Upper School English

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Amanda Tudino 2022

Amanda Tudino

Upper School Science

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